Superhero Trunks for M4 - F4 - H4

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Superhero Trunks for M4 - F4 - H4
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License:Unrestricted use
Needed:Michael 4
andHiro 4
andFreak 4

Superhero Trunks for M4 - F4 - H4 is a conforming clothing item by Vacasoft designed to recreate the 'undies on the outside' look of many classic superheroes and supervillains. It includes M4 body morphs Bodybuilder, Bulk Superhero, and Thin, Hiro 4, and Freak 4, as well as an anatomical 'package' morph. The belt has morphs for belt loops, buckles, and a girdle. The freebie comes with 8 general textures, plus a special Cosplay set to recreate the Marvel Comics character Magneto.