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This is the big list of super-hero and super-villain resources.


North American supers:

Japanese supers:

Magical-girl resources are listed on the Anime-style Resources page (although Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Sailor Moon have their own pages).

Footage from some Metal Hero and Super Sentai shows was used in the North American series Power Rangers.

British Comic-Book Characters[edit]

Judge Dredd[edit]

Dredd`s Lawgiver
Mark 1 Lawgiver prop
I Am The Law!
Mega-City One Street Judge's Helmet and Boots, and Textures for the paid Jump Suit (M3)
You need some bits, shoulder epaulets, badge, belt. They come from the below package, Judge Anderson. To get to these bits you go through a Poser pz3 file. You can try to load it without all the items it calls for but I found that things go a bit wonky. So to successfully load the pz3 file you will need Posette, her bodysuit, long curly hair, and boots. All part of the Poser content package at least to Poser Pro 2014. To complete all of the calls in the pz3 file you will also need Smooth Gloves for Posette.
Judge Anderson (The other bits)
Smooth Gloves for Posette (The gloves for Judge Anderson)

Generic Resources[edit]

Dynamic Cape (Poser only)
Free Opacity Maps for the Leather Bodysuit for G2F and G3F
Free Opacity Maps for the Sci-fi Body Suit SF-001 for G2F
Head Gear for M3-V3
Head Gear for M4-V4
Long Gloves for Femasu 2011
M4 Boots (ice-boy)
M4 FlameBootz
Shiny Second Skin
for Daz Generation 3
Shiny Second Skin M4
Smooth Gloves for Posette
Super Hereo[sic] Energy Construct Shaders
Super K4 Cape
Superhero Panties for V4 Basicwear
Superhero Ring Guide
The Hero ID Card - Beta Edition
Thighboots for Femasu_2011
Tranmaps[sic] for Smay's G2 Super Hero Suit


42 Hero Poses for V3 OR
Sky Fight
poses for Victoria 4 (Direct link to the download)
Supergirl V4
poses for Victoria 4 (Direct link to the download)
UniDwarf Hero Poses OR
V4 Action Hero Poses
poses for Victoria 4 (Direct link to the download)

Free Bodysuits[edit]

2-Tone for G3M
Ben BodySuit
Free G3F Suit for Genesis 3 Female for DAZ Studio
Frogkin Bodysuit
G3F - SciFi Jumper
Genesis body-suit resource
H.E.R. Bodysuit
Kate BodySuit
Lolo Bodysuit
M4 Mach 2 Free Bodysuit
Rex's Bodysuit
Roxie's Bodysuit


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