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I added instructions for using this thing, because really, it's a fabulous design with gorgeous UV mapping - the mapping is such that it is staggeringly easy to create new hair textures for it. However, it has serious problems that will make it almost unusable for most folks because it's pretty much a straight conversion from The Sims with no accounting for the differences in rendering engines. By adding a smidge of displacement you resolve the "doubled poly" issue, and by correcting the specularity and transparency values, it will render nicely. The morphs in this thing make it worth the trouble, they are very nice, and the overall hairstyle is similar to the "swoop-bob" that Jackie Kennedy popularized in the sixties and still shows up even today in Hollywood actresses. Without tweaking, however, it's utterly useless - it renders horribly, with serious poly artifacts throughout the entire mesh. Xaa (talk) 21:20, 22 November 2014 (GMT)