Telescopic Aluminium Crutch

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Telescopic Aluminium Crutch

Telescopic Aluminium Crutch
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License:commercial or non-commercial use
Needed:Daz Studio 4 Pro

Telescopic Aluminium Crutch is a prop created by Richardandtracy.

This freebie is a model of a Telescopic Aluminium Tube Crutch.

The crutch comes with two wearable presets, to fit them to left and right hands. There is a pose and mirror. The crutch has two morphs, the upper and lower sections, can be lengthened in 1cm increments. The top of the arm support can rotate through 90 degrees. There is a problem with the arm support that I don't know how to fix. If the top morph is non-zero, the arm support pivot drifts away from where it should be. To cure, reset the top morph to zero. It can be used for other apps via the included Obj file.

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