Temple Priestess

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Temple Priestess

Victoria 4 wearing Temple Priestess. RubberLatex Shaders by andreolicg were used on skirt. Victoria's texture is Cracked by almostperfekt
Download Links
Main Site:Temple Priestess (Not Safe For Work - may contain full nudity or intercourse - if you are using a shared computer, do not follow this link!)
Other Information
License:Licence for 3D Content Purchased or Downloaded from EvilInnocence.com
Needed:Any of Aiko 3, F202 Dollie, Victoria 3, Victoria 4, or Wapi Pu

Temple Priestess is a wardrobe item ... "a long skirt with a little bit of fabric reaching up to the neck" might be the best way to describe it. As-is, it is definitely Not Safe For Work, but it might find a place in your runtime if you do a lot of swords-and-sorcery images with evil high priestesses.

It was created by EvilInnocence for Aiko 3, F202 Dollie, Victoria 3, Victoria 4, and Wapi Pu.