TenTenN is a complete character, morph and textures for Victoria 1-2, created by Yamato. Included in the product is a hair prop Moko Hair for Victoria 1-2 created by Kozaburo.

Download Links
Main Site:http://www.eurus.dti.ne.jp/~masasi/DOWNLOAD/yamato/index.htm
Other Information
Creator:Kozaburo, Yamato
Needed:Victoria 1-2

Free resources for TenTenN include:
Koshini Hair Fits
refits for AliceHair, CatwalkHair, CecileCut, FlipHair 2, FullFeathered, Grecian UpDo, GrecianHS, JunkoHair, Koz LongHair, Koz MessyHair, Koz Ponytail 2, Koz Ponytail, Koz ReiHair, Koz ShortHair, Koz Updo, KyokoHair, Maya FlipStyle, Maya RobinHair, Maya Twintail, MokoHair, RandiHair, Razored Moffitt, RazzleDazzle, SassyHair, SilkyLongHair, SlinkyHair, SoHotHair, StarlightUpdo, TeresaHair, VC Ponytail, and VeryFrench
https://web.archive.org/web/20090216170732/http://www.poserheaven.de/poserheaven.htm (“Freestuff” on the site menu, then “Hair Fit Poses” on the main page)