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Terai Yuki 2

Terai Yuki 2, Face by Kojislab, Galadriel Outfit with Steampunk Textures, Kozaburo Long Hair Evolution with Poserheaven Textures (all free), TY2 RM Lian Texture by Rebelmommy (not free)
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Main Site:http://efrontier.shop14.makeshop.jp/shopdetail/000000000418/ct10/page1/recommend/ non-free content
Other Information
Creator:Ken-ichi Kutsugi

Terai Yuki was created by Ken-ichi Kutsugi, and used as a promotional character in various advertisements. (This means that Yuki is not an "anime-style" character; she actually is an anime character.) She went on to star in a series of short anime releases (which are not available in North America because of music licensing issues). Terai Yuki was later licensed by e-frontier - now SmithMicro - for home use, and released as Terai Yuki 2.

"As the first virtual idol and one of the very first CG characters ever developed in Japan, she kind of set the bar for everything that followed." --Cybersox13, in the Daz3D "Members Only" forum, 25 December 2014

TY2 is not a free figure; one can purchase a copy from eFrontier Japan.

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Antje's Graphics Terai Yuki 2 Expressions


pubic hair

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