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All wardrobe items for Terai Yuki 2 are listed on sub-pages:

  • One-piece clothing - Leotards, catsuits, body-stockings, and other one-piece outfits.
    • Dresses - One-piece clothing items with skirts.
    • Swimwear - Swimsuits and other beach wear
  • Shirts, Blouses, and Other Tops - Clothing that covers the torso (or at least the breasts), coming down perhaps as far as the waistline.
  • Pants and Skirts - Clothing that starts at about the waistline and goes down from there - at the least, covering the "naughty bits".
  • Footwear - Shoes, boots, sandals, socks, stockings, and other clothing for feet.
  • Underwear - Clothing normally worn under other clothing.
  • Outerwear - Clothing normally worn over other clothing.
  • Complete Outfits - Outfits made up of more than one item.
    • Swimwear - Swimsuits and other beach wear
    • Uniforms - Military uniforms, job uniforms, school uniforms, team uniforms, and other uniforms.
    • Sleep wear - Clothing for bedtime, alone.
    • Fetish wear - Clothing for bedtime, with a special someone.
  • Accessories - Jewelry, wings, belts, hats, and other adornments.
  • Resources for Paid Wardrobe - Free textures, morphs, and refits for paid wardrobe items.