Texture Challenge

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The Texture Challenge is a friendly competition held on PFDelights. The concept is simple: Sanbie creates a free wardrobe resource that (usually) has no textures, and anyone who wants to participate makes a texture set for the resource.

Unlike many other challenges, the Texture Challenge adds to the collection of free resources available to everyone.

Texture Challenges 13, 21, 22, 23, 43, and 46 were never created. The name "Texture Challenge 7" was used twice; this wiki calls the newer of the two "Texture Challenge 7a".

Wardrobe for Cookie[edit]

Wardrobe for Dawn[edit]

Wardrobe for Dusk[edit]

Wardrobe for Genesis 2 Female[edit]

Wardrobe for Gumdrops[edit]

Wardrobe for Kids 4[edit]

Wardrobe for Mavka[edit]

Wardrobe for Michael 4[edit]

  • Texture Challenge 17 (fantasy-Egyptian-style armor top, shoulder straps, shoulder pads, pants, boots, armbands and wide necklet)

Wardrobe for Pippin[edit]

Wardrobe for Victoria 4[edit]