Texture Challenge 26

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Texture Challenge 26
TC26 and Ella Hair.png
Victoria 4 wearing 'Ella' Hair and Texture Challenge 26 with trixie's textures
Download Links
Main Site:https://www.pfdlives.com/pfd/index.php?topic=8606.0
Other Information
Needed:Victoria 4

Texture Challenge 26 is a low-cut minidress, designed for Victoria 4.

It is part of an ongoing series of untextured clothing freebies created by Sanbie as a challenge for freebie texture artists. It comes, as do most of the Texture Challenge sets, without any textures.

The download contains both conforming and Poser dynamic versions of the dress.

Free resources for Texture Challenge 26 include:
Sanbie Texture Challenge 26 textures only
Textures for TC26
http://www.pfddelights.com/index.php?topic=498.0 [dead link]