Texture Challenge 33

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Texture Challenge 33
Dawn in Valens Hair wearing Sanbie's TC 33 with Trixie's textures
Download Links
Main Site:http://www.pfddelights.com/index.php?topic=718.0 (fourth post)
Second Site:https://freezone.thefantasiesattic.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=500
Other Information

Texture Challenge 33 is a two piece maxi dress outfit for Dawn.

Like most of the Texture Challenge outfits, this outfit comes without textures but there is a variety of texture freebies to support it.

The set includes a long skirt and a long sleeve top. The Poser version comes with a choice of conforming or dynamic skirt. The DS version was done in cooperation with ByuDragonBreath.

Free resources for Texture Challenge 33 include:
Sanbie's Texture Challenge 33 for Dawn
http://www.pfddelights.com/index.php?topic=560.0 (7 down)
Textures for Dawn's TC33 Dress by Sanbie
Daz Studio only
Textures for Evening Styles
Textures for the TC 33 outfit (for Dawn)