Texture Challenge 35

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Texture Challenge 35
Dawn with Valens Hair wearing Sanbie's TC 35 with BYUDragonbreath's textures
Download Links
Main Site:https://www.pfdlives.com/pfd/index.php?topic=8615.0
Other Information

Texture Challenge 35 is a complete three piece pants outfit for Dawn.

Like most of the Texture Challenge outfits, this outfit comes without textures but there is a variety of texture freebies to support it.

The set includes a pair of skin-tight legging pants, a front-laced tank-top and a pair of high heeled over-knee boots.

Free resources for Texture Challenge 35 include:
Mat for Sanbie's TC35
http://www.pfddelights.com/index.php?topic=709.0 [dead link]
Sanbie's TC35 textures
http://www.pfddelights.com/index.php?topic=560.msg1433#msg1433 (8 down) [dead link]
textures for sanbies tc35 challenge
https://www.sharecg.com/v/74522/ (DS) OR https://www.sharecg.com/v/74520/ (Poser)
Textures for Sanbie's Texture Challenge 35
Textures for TC 35 (DS)
http://www.pfddelights.com/index.php?topic=708.0 [dead link]