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One-Piece Outfits edit

Leotards, catsuits, body-stockings, and other one-piece outfits that don't have skirts (if they have skirts, they're dresses). An exception: one-piece swimsuits should be found under "Swimwear."

Dresses edit

One-piece clothing items with skirts.

Shirts, Blouses, and Other Tops edit

Clothing that covers the torso (or at least the breasts), coming down to about the waistline.

Pants and Skirts edit

Clothing that starts at about the waistline and goes down from there - at the least, covering the "naughty bits".

Underwear edit

Clothing normally worn under other clothing.

Complete Outfits edit

Outfits made up of more than one item.

Swimwear edit

Swimsuits and other beach wear.

Fetish wear edit

Clothing for bedtime, with a special someone.

Accessories edit

Jewelry, wings, belts, hats, and other adornments. The subgroups are the ones used by Daz Studio; items in more than one subgroup should be listed at the top of the section.

Head edit

Resources for Paid Wardrobe edit

Free resources for paid wardrobe items are listed here, sorted by the name of the paid item.

Notes edit