Themed Page Template

This framework should work for most themed pages which cover a variety of item types. Some parts may need to be edited for certain themes, and some themes may work better with a different organization, as in the case of the Supers subpages, which are mostly costumes and are organized by hero/villain group, then character. There are some suggestions on the otherwise empty copy of the page shown below the code.


==Characters, Morphs and Textures==

==Hair and Hair Textures==


===Textures for Paid Wardrobe Items===

===Second Skin Textures===

==Other Textures==
===General Textures/Shaders===

===Textures for Paid Items===


==Sets, Scenes, Set Pieces and Environments==

==Ships and Stations==




Mixed Content/Multiple Items edit

Some pages have this section, but we want it to go away once all the freebies have their own pages. Don't start a new page with a "Mixed Content" or "Multiple Items" section - sort the free resources into the correct sections to begin with and save a step, even if that means listing the same link two, three, or more times on the same page.

Figures edit

  • Independent figures related to the theme; for example, poseable snowmen on a winter themed page.

Characters, Morphs and Textures edit

  • Full characters, morphs and textures for existing figures, as well as any appendages that can be added to such figures coresponding to a them. Monster horns or Twilek lekku are examples of this.

Hair and Hair Textures edit

Wardrobe edit

Don't split the list by Conforming Clothing and Dynamic Clothing. We have tags for Poser and Daz dynamics now.

Free Textures for Paid Wardrobe Items edit

Free textures for free wardrobe items go with the free wardrobe items. If they get put into a separate section, we'll just need to move them later, so please put them in the correct place to begin with.

Second Skin Textures edit

Yes, they're textures, but they're used as if they're wardrobe. May as well list them with the rest of the wardrobe.

Other Textures edit

General Textures/Shaders edit

Textures for Free Items edit

Don't make this section. Free textures for free items go with the free items. If they get put into a separate section, we'll just need to move them later, so please put them in the correct place to begin with.

Textures for Paid Items edit

Poses edit

Sets, Scenes, Set Pieces and Environments edit

  • Including furniture.

Ships and Stations edit

  • Space ships and stations, for Sci-Fi themed pages. Water ships and shore stations for naval themed pages. And so on.

Vehicles edit

  • Can be subdivided by vehicle type if needed. Don't replace by separate vehicle type headings.

Props edit

  • Additional specific prop types can be added if there are many of them for a theme, such as wands for Harry Potter or crosses for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Weapons edit

  • This can be subdivided with more specific types if necessary; i.e. lightsabers, blasters, gunpowder guns, swords, etc.