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This framework should work for most themed pages which cover a variety of item types. Some parts may need to be edited for certain themes, and some themes may work better with a different organization, as in the case of the Supers subpages, which are mostly costumes and are organized by hero/villain group, then character. There are some suggestions on the otherwise empty copy of the page shown below the code.


==Characters, Morphs and Textures==

==Hair and Hair Textures==


===Textures for Paid Wardrobe Items===

===Second Skin Textures===

==Other Textures==
===General Textures/Shaders===

===Textures for Paid Items===


==Sets, Scenes, Set Pieces and Environments==

==Ships and Stations==




Mixed Content/Multiple Items[edit]

Some pages have this section, but we want it to go away once all the freebies have their own pages. Don't start a new page with a "Mixed Content" or "Multiple Items" section - sort the free resources into the correct sections to begin with and save a step, even if that means listing the same link two, three, or more times on the same page.


  • Independent figures related to the theme; for example, poseable snowmen on a winter themed page.

Characters, Morphs and Textures[edit]

  • Full characters, morphs and textures for existing figures, as well as any appendages that can be added to such figures coresponding to a them. Monster horns or Twilek lekku are examples of this.

Hair and Hair Textures[edit]


Don't split the list by Conforming Clothing and Dynamic Clothing. We have tags for Poser and Daz dynamics now.

Free Textures for Paid Wardrobe Items[edit]

Free textures for free wardrobe items go with the free wardrobe items. If they get put into a separate section, we'll just need to move them later, so please put them in the correct place to begin with.

Second Skin Textures[edit]

Yes, they're textures, but they're used as if they're wardrobe. May as well list them with the rest of the wardrobe.

Other Textures[edit]

General Textures/Shaders[edit]

Textures for Free Items[edit]

Don't make this section. Free textures for free items go with the free items. If they get put into a separate section, we'll just need to move them later, so please put them in the correct place to begin with.

Textures for Paid Items[edit]


Sets, Scenes, Set Pieces and Environments[edit]

  • Including furniture.

Ships and Stations[edit]

  • Space ships and stations, for Sci-Fi themed pages. Water ships and shore stations for naval themed pages. And so on.


  • Can be subdivided by vehicle type if needed. Don't replace by separate vehicle type headings.


  • Additional specific prop types can be added if there are many of them for a theme, such as wands for Harry Potter or crosses for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


  • This can be subdivided with more specific types if necessary; i.e. lightsabers, blasters, gunpowder guns, swords, etc.