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Sometimes it makes sense to list freebies by a common theme, rather than by what type of freebie it is. This page is a listing of all of the wiki's Themed Pages.

If you're looking for a theme that isn't listed here, check the Props page. The theme might be listed there, or there may be some props listed on that page for the theme you wanted.

If you know of some freebies for a theme that isn't listed here, add it to the list and start the page! So far, we have pages based on these themes:

Sources for Freebies[edit]

Pages that list free resources on individual sites or by individual creators are themselves listed on the Freebie Sites page, along with links to many freebie sites that are not yet indexed here. Also, Category:Creator has partial lists of free resources sorted by the items' creators.

Themes Based on Media[edit]


Requested holidays, that we don't have lists for - yet:

  • New Year's Resources - Western New Year might not have any resources, but Chinese New Year and Japanese New Year do; one page or multiple?
  • Mardi Gras / Carnival of Venice Resources - one page or two?
  • Passover Resources
  • Walpurgisnacht Resources
  • Yukka Nu Hii Resources
  • Tanabata Resources
  • "National Day" pages - Cinco de Mayo Resources, Bastille Day Resources, Canada Day Resources, July Fourth Resources, Guy Fawkes Night Resources, and so on; one page or multiple?


If the category you're looking for doesn't show here, try Vehicles






Personal Weapons[edit]

Larger Weaponry[edit]


Other Themes[edit]