Toon Girl Sadie

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Toon Girl Sadie

Sadie for Genesis & Toon Girl Sadie
Download Links
Main Site:Toon Girl Sadie non-free content
Sadie and Sam for Genesis non-free content
Other Information
Creator:3D Universe
License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement
Needed:none for the standalone version
Genesis for the Genesis 1 version

Toon Girl Sadie is a toon-style pre-teen human female character created by 3D Universe, of the same vintage as DAZ3D's "Generation 3" figures. She is not a free character; one can purchase a copy of the figure from DAZ3D.

There is also a Genesis 1 version of Sadie available for purchase from DAZ3D. The clothing and hair listed here work with this version of Sadie, but the morphs and character textures do not.

This page is based on the list of freebies for Sadie as it existed on on February 2, 2014. It was originally posted here by the maintainer of that list. However, this list has diverged from, and is more current than, the list found on the DAZ3D forum.

Some items on this list have multiple URLs. Unless otherwise marked, these are multiple sources for the content; you only need to download from one URL.

Free resources for Toon Girl Sadie include:




Fully poseable Toy Dog Bobby
with poses for Sadie and the dog OR
Loosey-Goosey Pak1
"Vinyl Boston Bag"


1930 Toon Kitchen
Child's Room for Sadie OR
Soapbox Cart
Spacebike 4 Sadie

External Links[edit]

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Staci Locator - Sadie Freebies
A forum which hasn't been updated in nine years, listing free and paid resources for Staci and other toons - Dennis and Toon Girl Sadie have their own subforums there