Unimes Girls Textures (A3, V3, SP, Laura, Girl)

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Unimesh Girls Textures (A3, V3, SP, Laura, Girl)

Green Vicki
Download Links
Main Site:https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/?item_id=33943
Other Information
License:"The contents of this package are free to use in your personal artwork or commercial renders. Commercial Work is restricted to renders and animation only. Models and textures may not be included in a market item although you may make reference to them as a free download that would go well with a market item. Selling these items is not permitted, redistribution is permissable as long as the entire contents of the zip are given, including this readme. (Unless noted above that items in this zipay be used outside these limitations) The textures in this set MAY BE NOT INCLUDED in any other download for free or market."
Needed:any of Aiko 3, The Girl 3, Laura, Maddie, Stephanie Petite 3, or Victoria 3

Unimesh Girls Textures (A3, V3, SP, Laura, Girl) is a set of multiple skin textures, created by mapps for Aiko 3, The Girl 3, Laura, Stephanie Petite 3, and Victoria 3, and usable with all of the Unimesh females (including Maddie).

Quoting from the readme:

This zip contains 3 Skin textures (Hellen, Monica & Shulk), Mat Poses for the Textures, 6 Gloss settings and 5 Tone settings. The 3 Skin Textures and 5 Skin Tones can be used to create 15 different Skin Colours.
Hellen is fair Skined and works best as the texture to use the Skin Tones with.
Monica is darker skined and also works well with The Skin Tones.
Shulk is Green and when combined with the 5 Skin Tones gives more Alien Colours, Some combinations can be too dark to make out details clearly unless you are using a strong source of lighting.

If used alone, the "Shulk" texture gives U3 the skin colour of She-Hulk from Marvel Comics.