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The Unimesh generation of Daz figures share the same texture UV map; thus, textures for one will work on the others. This page lists textures intended for the female Unimesh figures, other than Aiko 3.

There is a slight change in the UV map for Aiko 3 that makes her legs incompatible with textures for the other Unimesh female figures. In Daz Studio, this can be corrected with Morgan R. Lewis's Gen3 Leg Material Fixer Scripts for Daz Studio; however, those scripts do not work with Shader Mixer textures. In Poser, in the material room, you can copy the 'SkinLeg' material zone and paste it to the 'SkinKnee', 'SkinShin' and 'SkinThigh' material zones. In Daz Studio you can do that in the Surfaces Tab.

Materials for the male Unimesh figures also work on the female Unimesh figures.

Generation 3 for Cookie and Chip lets Cookie use these textures.

Full-Body Skin Textures[edit]

Nonhuman Textures[edit]

Tink for V3
includes character morph, ear morph, 3 body textures, 3 makeups with 2 options each, wing props with morphs and 5 textures
also includes sword and dagger props with 4 textures each, and a set of ear caps with hoops to fit the ear morphs

Partial-Body Textures[edit]

Eye Textures[edit]

12 Textures for Blackhearted's Black Eyesno longer available
11 colored textures and one universal bump map. These also work on unimesh figures; some may need tweaking.



Second Skin Clothing[edit]

Other Textures[edit]