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Hi! Just helping out in the Image Creation Party 2019! I love the wiki and plan to keep adding to it. I'm just another young adult sci fi author on Amazon Kindle and I create my own covers. My work is very slow 'cause I'm disabled and 60 years old, but eventually it'll get done [I hope!]. I started out with Poser 7 in 2009 and recently migrated to DAZ 4.11, but I've dabbled in DAZ since DAZ 2. Vue is my software of choice for landscapes. I also use GIMP and Blender and have experimented with Hexagon, Clip Studio 5/Manga Studio, and Inkscape. I'm mostly a writer but I love collecting freebies to use in my book covers, so that's why I'm here.

I mention German because I had four quarters of it, and thoroughly enjoyed it, at Georgia State University years ago. Unfortunately, not many folks like to speak it, so I had little practice. I can speak it and Germans laugh at me, but I can put a very few sentences together :) I don't know what that makes my expertise level, but it's above De-0. All the Americans I know whose native speech was German spoke English very well. None of them wanted to converse in German. Oh, well.

Feel free to email me if you want to know anything about the writing life or how to publish [for free] on Amazon Kindle. Note that I am not affiliated with Amazon and will not ask you for money! I will give you free stories if you'll leave an honest review on that story's page. But, I am not here to self-promote. As far as 3D art, I'm a learner. Email Dannis

I do have a freebie rainbow background up on Share CG here: Full-Arc-Rainbow-2004-May-by-Dannis-Cole

I need to get busy and put some more freebies up!