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Projects on hold[edit]

Double-check these every so often[edit]

Double-check these every so often, in case somebody uses http instead of https for a link to one of these sites. (DeviantArt, HiveWire3D, and ShareCG are especially prone to that, because their internal search engines return the http pages.)

Last checked on 2019-08-31

DPL lists[edit]


Lists with their own pages[edit]

Pages in the Main namespace that do not use the Freebiebox template and are not Indexes or Useful Notes[edit]

Indexes with direct download links[edit]

I cannot work on this list on my lunch break at work.

There are 85 pages on this list:

Pages in the Main namespace that use the Unavailable template and are Indexes[edit]

There are 23 pages on this list:

Landing Pages that are not Indexes (and thus will not show up on my list of index pages with external links or all three of the lists on this page)[edit]

There are 21 pages on this list:

File Formats[edit]

Moved out of the sandbox and onto its own page.

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