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Hello, All. =) I suppose I should introduce myself.

I'm Jim Farris. I write books, compose music, and create computer graphic art using Poser.

And this is Rose.

Rose, seated.

I realize it may be rather unusual to introduce a Poser character, but, she's the reason I'm here today.

You see, about fifteen years ago, I got this new program, Poser 4. It was on sale. I couldn't really do much with it at the time, but I kept fiddling with it. The program had this character, "Posette" - the Poser 4 Nude Woman. And I thought she was a really great looking character - certainly far better looking than P5 Judy, who came along a few years later. Really fabulous looking body. But, her bends were awful. Well, then there was the whole Zygote/DAZ split, and the new "Millennium Woman", and I saw her and thought the same thing as when I saw P5 Judy. I was thinking "they didn't need to make another new character, they just needed to fix the old one." And, I realized I had all the tools I needed to fix her issues right in front of me, in Poser. I just had to learn how to do it.

Well, now it's 2014, and Rose is the result. Her mesh has been re-grouped and tweaked a bit, she's been completely re-rigged from scratch, she's been re-mapped to use V3 textures, and the face you see her with is now her default face. But, she started as Posette, the P4 Nude Woman. I can say without fear of contradiction that she is far and away superior to literally any other model out there, simply because she's had well over a decade of development time.

Rose, lounging and showing her bends.

Yes, that's basically a highly modded Posette you're looking at.

I'd like to say that I enjoy working with the DAZ models, but I don't. As I said, I objected to the Millennium Woman simply because I thought they needed to fix the old models, not create new ones. But, this trend continued, with Vickie 2, then Vickie 3, then Vickie 4, then Vickie 5, and now Vickie 6. At each step, the figures have grown linearly larger and larger in file-size and system overhead requirements, have grown exponentially more complicated, and yet at each step, they didn't (and still don't) provide anything better than what I already had in my girl, as she simply had more development time. As for the Genesis line, well, Studio don't run on my box, so I don't work with them at all.

So, what I tell people is that whatever figure you like, whether it's Dawn or Antonia or GND Ana or V3 or V4 or whatever, well, stick with that figure, and learn to tweak it. Fix it's problems, and keep working on it. Avoid "One Figure Does Everything" thinking - focus on "One Figure Does MY Personal Character Flawlessly." And after a few years, you will have something that is simply far and away better than what is commercially available - and, more importantly, you will have mastered the technical aspects of character rigging.


I could probably fill the rest of this page with more about me, but by now you're bored reading it, so I'll shut up.