Uzilite Super Hero

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Uzilite Super Hero
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Needed:Michael 4

Uzilite Super Hero is a character morph, texture, wardrobe, and hair set for Michael 4, modeled by Uzilite.

The morph is based closely on Christopher Reeve, and the wardrobe and hair are based closely on the iconic Superman outfit and hairdo; thus, this is a cosplay resource.

Free resources for Uzilite Super Hero include:


Red Son Superman and Sovietman for Uzilite M4 Suit
One is for the Red Son Superman, which, I am sure, is thoroughly trademarked by DC. The second is for a character I call Sovietman, who I am placing in the public domain for anyone to use as they please. The logo is my creation, but DC's lawyers might claim the design is too close to Superman's because of its shield shape, so use it at your own risk. or
Superman - Fleischer - for free Uzilite M4 Suit
Textures to replicate the look of Superman in the classic Fleischer cartoons. or

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