V1 New Clothes

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V1 New Clothes

Victoria 2 wearing V1 New Clothes
Download Links
Main Site:http://www.fast3d.co.uk/V1NewClothes/v1nc.htm
Other Information
License:These items may be distributed freely but never sold.
Needed:Victoria 1-2

A set of 6 tops, a skirt, panties and pants. There is a necklace as well. These were origianlly designed for Victoria 1 lo rez and as such are low rez as well with small texture files. Putting them into a scene seems to have no problem being used for mid to far range renders. In the product image, the clothing was loaded onto a weight mapped Victoria 2 and performed well with the exception of the skirt that seems to have a couple of geometry issues at the front right hip. The contents of the zip file do have to be arranged by the user into the appropriate folders.