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Valiant for Michael 4

M4 wearing Valiant
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Valiant for Michael 4 is a wardrobe set created by Ravenhair for Michael 4. It is not a free item; you can purchase a copy from DAZ3D.

Free resources for Valiant for Michael 4 include:


Alien Tunics for M4 Valiant
Court Jester (20 from bottom)
Dress uniform for Valiant and Courageous or
Elflord M4 Dusk - A texture Espansion for Valiant
Golden Knight
Leather Jerkin for M4 Valiant
Leather Tunic for M4 Valiant
Lordly Robe Textures for M4 Valiant Costume
M4 Studded Leather Outfit
M4 Valiant Simple Tunic
NA for Valiant (5 from top)
NA mix M4
"Tahoma, with Sth Western style using The Mage tunic and belt plus Valiant pants and boots" (7 from top)
Next Generation Dress Whites
Cosplay:Star Trek. As seen in Star Trek Insurrection.
Nightshirt for M4 Valiant
The Ragged Hero Outfit for M4 Valiant
Roman Tunica Textures for M4 Valiant tunic
Tattered Clothing for M4 Valiant Costume
Valiant Crusaders: Crusader Knights for M4 Valiant
Valiant Crusaders: Knights Templar for M4 Valiant
Valiant Crusaders: Crusader Megapack
Valiant Crusaders: Simple Tabards for M4 Valiant
Valiant Military Pants
Valiant Tunics For M4
Various (21 from bottom)
Various 2 (19 from bottom)

Cosplay: Star Trek Textures[edit]

Admiral Textures
Alternate Klingon Uniform for M4 Valiant
Alternate Trek Textures for Valiant and Courageous
Andorian Tabbard for M4Valiant
DS9 Cadet Uniforms for M4-V4
DS9 Starfleet Uniforms for M4 and V4
Enterprise Textures
Klingon coat for valiant
Klingon TNG style sash for valiant
Klingon Tunic for M4 Valiant
Klingon Uniform for M4 Valiant
M4 Pike Era Tunic
M4 Pike Era Tunic 02
M4 Romulan Tunic
Male Romulan Uniform for M4 Valiant
Orion Male Costume for M4 Valiant
ST:II-ST:VI Uniforms for M4 Valiant **UPDATED**
Star Trek - TNG Dress Uniform M4
Star Trek - TNG Uniform - Male
Star Trek #20 The Cage for M4V4
Star Trek Online (STO) Section 31 for M4 V4
Star Trek Online #19 for M4V4:
Star Trek TNGEra Skant and Dress M4 V4:
Star Trek TOS Kilt for M4 Valiant
Star Trek TOS for M4 Valiant
Star Trek TOS for M4 Valiant or
Star Trek TOS Textures Without Badges
Star Trek TOS Tunic Textures for M4
STO Academy Uniform Textures for M4 Valiant
STO Academy Uniform UPDATE
STO Admiral Uniform Textures for M4 Valiant
STO Antares 02 Uniform Textures for M4 Valiant
TNG & Voyager Uniforms for V4 & M4 - UPDATED
TNG Season 1 Uniforms
TOS Klingon Tunic for M4 Valiant
TOS Utility Jumpsuit for M4 Valiant
Trek XI textures for M4 Courageous
VOY & DS9 Textures - Genesis Neck Fix
Vulcan Outfit for M4 Valiant 01
Vulcan Outfit for M4 Valiant 02

Cosplay: Star Wars Textures[edit]

M4 Imperial Base Officer
for Mountie Set for M4 and Valiant
Skywalker ANH outfit for M4
for Karate Gi M4 and Valiant
Skywalker EBS Bespin Suit for M4
X- Wing fighter Pilot Suit for M4
for Valiant and the gloves from Fable for M4

Cosplay: Other Textures[edit]

AA Commonwealth High Guard Uniform for M4 Valiant
B5 for daz Valiant and Courageous Tunics + Props
Babylon 5
Derek Wildstar Uniform from Starblazers for M4
Space Cruiser Yamato / Starblazers
Grail Knights
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (23 from bottom)
Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar novels (22 from bottom)
Strider for M4 Valiant
Lord of the Rings
requires Valiant and the M4 Cowboy Duster
X-Verse for M4 Bodysuit
X-Men movies
requires M4 Bodysuit & Valiant for Michael 4


Cosplay: Star Trek Accessories[edit]

EMH Mobile Emitter
Klingon TNG style sash for valiant
TNG and DS9/Voyager Badges for V4 and M4