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Textures, refits, and other resources for paid wardrobe for Wardrobe for Victoria 1-2. Resources for free wardrobe items are listed with those items; resources for wardrobe items that aren't free are listed here, sorted by the names of the paid wardrobe items.


"the original Zygote "bkCatSuit.obj"
Mini Cat - Chopped down Victoria catsuit : (sixth from top)
DAZ's Victoria Clothing Pack 1 T-Shirt Textures
The Clothing Pack 1 is no longer available


"the Fever Fashions "Anouka" Short Off Shoulder dress by Sprinter in the renderosity marketplace"
The Anouka dress is no longer available - this is what it looked like
Fever Fasions Short off Shoulder Dress (Textures Only) : : (fourth from bottom)