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These are outfits made up of multiple clothing items (for example, a blouse and a skirt), so this list does not include dresses or other one-piece outfits.


  • Swimwear - Swimsuits and other beach wear.
  • Uniforms - Uniforms - Military uniforms, job uniforms, school uniforms, team uniforms, and other uniforms.
  • Sleepwear - Clothing for bedtime, alone.
  • Fetish wear - Clothing for bedtime, with a special someone.



Adventurer suit for V3
Cosplay Adventure of Allan Quatermain
Aglaya Lilich for victoria3 Pathologic game
Cosplay Wolfenstein or
Ashley Dress
Blood Rayne V3
BodyGear for Daz3d's Victoria 3
An sci-fi suit for Victoria 3.
Catherine V3
A (slightly risque) maid outfit for Victoria 3
elite guard Wolfenstein
Cosplay Wolfenstein


Fairy Tales Costume for Victoria 3
An old Pretty3d Snow White-like costume freebie for V3 (Direct link to the download)
Fresh Dress & Boots
Incantata for V3


miss Fury for victoria 3
Cosplay Miss Fury
My Style V3
Skirt, Blouse, Collar, Armbands, Boots


queen Myrrah Gears of War
Sniper cadian 412 rgt imperial guard
Cosplay: Warhammer 40,000
Sailor Uniform for Victoria 3
1 Top UVMapped OBJ + CR2, 1 Skirt UVMapped OBJ + CR2, MC6 files to apply normal + diffuse + displacement map to the top and skirt
Sorceress Outfit for Victoria 3.
Tekken 7 Nina William's
Victoria 3 with Future Hair, wearing Tsuta (Vine).
Tsuta (Vine)


Vintage Soxer outfit for V3 & 4
V3V4 Soxer Recolours
Yakecan character base figure Victoria 3 Daz3d
Cosplay: Yakecan character base figure Victoria 3 Daz3d damnation game pc character Yakecan (includes hair)