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Textures, refits, and other resources for paid Wardrobe for Victoria 3.

Resources for free wardrobe are listed with those wardrobe items. Resources for paid wardrobe are listed here, sorted by the name of the paid wardrobe.

0-9 Edit

30s for Vicky 3
Textures for "V3 30s dress"

A-E Edit

Dangerous Beauty
Vampire Bride 3 for V3 no longer available
Beautiful Brocades for Royloos:VB3 for V4, V3, A3

F-J Edit

Fantasy Wrap 2 for Victoria 3.0
Hongyu's JerseyDress for V3
Jersey Dress Textures

K-O Edit

P-T Edit

RT-Maharani V3
Maharani Expansion
Sweet Dreams for Victoria 3, no longer available
More Dreams: (second from top)

U-Z Edit

V3 & SP Clothing Pack
Streetwear for the V3 Clothing Pack Slacks