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Hairstyles designed for Victoria 4. Although no longer available Prefitter_CR2 allows these hairdos to be worn by Adwoman, Bella, Dawn, Miki 4, Pauline, or Roxie in Poser 11 Pro.

Note: There may be more hairstyles for Victoria 4 listed on the main Hair pages.

Gallery Perspectives[edit]

List Perspectives[edit]


Nothing Identified

A - E[edit]

Aditi Hair V4, A4, G4
Aleona Hair FIXED
Curls for V4

F - J[edit]

FluffyHair for V4, with the "Red" MAT applied

K -O[edit]

Nene Hair for V4 / A4.
KnitCap with Hair (V4)
Mitsuami Hair (V4)
Oiran hair for V4
Oiran hair 2 for V4

P - T[edit]

RQ V4 Hair 010
Papavy Hair
Hair, 1 MAT, Morphs, fit for V4, fit for Aiko 4 American, fit for Girl 4, fit for Stephanie 4
Papavy Hair Colors
Rockabilly Noir for V4
DazStudio or
Teri Hair for Dawn And Vicky 4
Poser Dynamic Hair or

U - Z[edit]

Upside-Down Hair for V4

Hair Refits[edit]

Free hairdos with pages on this wiki and add-on refits to V4 are listed above. Paid hairdos with pages on this wiki and add-on refits to V4 are listed below. Eventually, this section will go away.

Aiko4 Hair Fits
A4 refits for Amarseda Hair, Devanar Hair, Estio Curls, Frizzed Head, Kione Hair, Portia Hair, Rievel Hair, Sylphiad Hair, Xylia Double French Braids, and Ysaris Hair.
Girl 4 Hair Refits
G4 fits for HorseTail Hair Model & Textures (free), Blaine Hair, Devanar Hair, Estio Curls, Frizzed Head, Glyn Hair, Ivandri Hair, Jai Hair, Kione Hair, Kleo Dread Falls, Marisandra Hair, Osean Hair, Portia Hair, Qain Hair, Rievel Hair, Uzuri Hair, Vayne Braid, Wynter Hair, Xylia Double French Braids, and Ysaris Hair.
V4 Hairfit Poses
refits for these hairdos (some free, some paid, some no longer available) to V4:
StudioMaya: AnimeFlip-vic, Bandanna & Hair, BobHair, CCut, FlipStyle, MD1Casquette, MDBob, RastaStyle, RobinHair, RollHair1, RollHair2, ShortCut, Simple, SpiralTwinTail, StraightHair, TwinChignonVic, TwinTail, WesternHatnHair, WildTail_Vic, YunaHair;
Neftis: VeryFrench, pompadour;
Mylochka: Alterra Hair, Angela2, DrouPrincess, Lady_Jane, Lovey2, Thug Hair;
Lisbeth: ARIANA_v3, Paris Hair;
Lab108: mitsuami_showa;
Kozaburo: Koz's UpDo Hair, Wave Hair;
Honey: icho-gaeshi, tsubushi-shimada, umanoo, wareshinobu, yuiwata;
DAZ3D: Alia_v3, Cuffed Tail, Geisha Hair Pack for Stephanie Petite and V3, Loose Comb Hair, Nyoko, Nyoko01, Nyoko01_fit_realistic, Nyoko_fit_realistic, Razzle Dazzle: A V3 Historic Hairstyle, Starlight Updo, TiedTailV, WedgeCut Hair 2.0, Madelyne Hair;
3DCelebrity: Georgia Hair, Ginger Hair;
various other: Shimada Hair, BP_BETTYPAGE, CC_HAIR, Chloe, JOELEGECKO_PINUP, MAGIX_VR, Miki_Chelle, Norientin, RAPSODY_v3, RAVENMOHAWK, RWaller_Roz (only the RAMWolff link is still valid)

Resources for Paid Hair[edit]

BRW Bun Hair
for V4A4 Bun Hair
BRW Kiana Hair
for Kiana Hair for V4/A4
Energizer Textures
for Energizer Hair
Hebe Hair - A4 update
Kalyke Hair - A4 update
Kirke Hair - A4 update
Lykia Hair - A4 update
Melite Hair - A4 update
Minerva Hair - A4 update
Selene Hair - A4 update
Thalia Hair - A4 update

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