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"Rococo" outfit

All wardrobe items for Victoria 4 are listed on sub-pages:

  • One-piece clothing - Leotards, catsuits, body-stockings, and other one-piece outfits.
    • Dresses - One-piece clothing items with skirts. See a random free dress on this very page!
    • Swimwear - Swimsuits and other beach wear
  • Shirts, Blouses, and Other Tops - Clothing that covers the torso (or at least the breasts), coming down perhaps as far as the waistline.
  • Pants and Skirts - Clothing that starts at about the waistline and goes down from there - at the least, covering the "naughty bits".
  • Footwear - Shoes, boots, sandals, socks, stockings, and other clothing for feet.
  • Underwear - Clothing normally worn under other clothing.
  • Outerwear - Clothing normally worn over other clothing.
  • Complete Outfits - Outfits made up of more than one item.
    • Swimwear - Swimsuits and other beach wear
    • Uniforms - Military uniforms, job uniforms, school uniforms, team uniforms, and other uniforms.
    • Sleep wear - Clothing for bedtime, alone.
    • Fetish wear - Clothing for bedtime, with a special someone.
  • Accessories - Jewelry, wings, belts, hats, and other adornments.
  • Resources for Paid Wardrobe - Free textures, morphs, and refits for paid wardrobe items.


  • Prefitter_CR2 allows this clothing to be worn by Adwoman, Bella, Dawn, Miki 4, Pauline, or Roxie in Poser 11 Pro.
  • The wiki currently does not have a "champion" who goes out of his or her way to find resources for Victoria 4. This list is definitely incomplete, and additions are made to it when people find entries while looking for other things.