Victoria 6 (or V6 for short) is DAZ3D's flagship Generation 6 female character. She is an add-on for Genesis 2 Female and has add-ons of her own. Normally, V6 is not free; one can purchase a copy from DAZ3D.

Victoria 6

V6 rendered in DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro by EnigmaticOxygen (that is Arlesienne at DA)
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License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement
Needed:Genesis 2 Female
V6, rendered in Poser via DSON by Glaseye

The base download includes Genesis 2 Starter Essentials and two skin sets: Anna (shown in the information box) and Belle. Apart from the shape and these textures, a set of poses is included as well.

Use of this character is governed by the Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement.

Free resources for Victoria 6 include:

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