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Vila is a chubby toon-style female fairy figure created by Nursoda. She comes with conforming hair, dress, necklace and wings as well as a large variety of poses and expressions.

Vila is not a free figure; one can buy a copy of Vila from Renderosity.

This page is based on the list of freebies for Vila as it is maintained on the 3D Noir Nursoda Freebie Master Compendium. The maintainer of that list has posted this information here.

Free resources for Vila include:


Vila Utilities[edit]

Vila Poses[edit]

Vila Hair[edit]

DA-DreamColors - Vila
Vila Hair Fits
Refits for:
Free: Aiko 4 Bandana Hair, All Back Style, Bandanna & Hair, Berry Hair, Gnomie Buns Hair for Victoria 4, Koz's Short bob
Paid: Ariadne Hair, Aryelle Hair, Lady Hair, Sally Mae Hair, Xylia Double French Braids
No Longer Available: Caramel Hair, Jam Hair
Unknown: 50s Ponytail, Aditi Hair, Aiko Toon Hair 01, Aiko Toon Hair 02, Aiko Toon Hair 03, Alanis Hair, Alexa 1 Hair, Alicia Afro, Ametyst Hair, Anime Flip, Ariana Hair, Ayiana Hair, Beri Hair, Bun Hair for A3, Casquet Hair, Charli Hair, Cherub Hair, Cinderella Hair for Cookie, Clio Hair, Conner Hair, Curler Hair (TrekkieGrrrl), Daisy Hair, Danyel Hair, Digital Curlz, Errol Hair A3, Frizzed, Holly Hair, HR-030SFS, Insolent Nightmare, Ishoka Style, Kali Hair, Kalinka Hair for Kali, KiriTe Hair V3, Lin Hair, Marisandra Hair, Mentha Piperata, Noemie Hair, Peggy Tails, Roll Hair 2 (StudioMaya), Spice Hair (top of page)

Vila Wardrobe[edit]

Now has its own page.

Vila Materials and Shaders[edit]

Body Textures (top of page)
Eye Textures (second from top)
Toonish Makeup for Vila (bottom of page)

Vila Props[edit]

Summer House for Vila OR
Vila Beach Air Bed and Swim Aids
Vila Beach Ball Shop and Ice Cream Bike
Vila Beach Bar and Cafe with Drinks
Vila Beach CD Player and Digital Camera
Vila Beach Chair and Parasol with Textures
Vila Beach Cooler, Tube Tire and Ball
Vila Beach Drinks and Props
Vila Beach Flower Barrel and Beach Signs
Vila Beach Lake Beach with Textures for Sky Dome and Lake
Vila Beach Lotion and Cream
Vila Beach Palm Trees and Lifeguard House
Vila Beach Pier, Lighthouse, and Night Lights
Vila Snack Bar with Textures and Menu Board
Vila Beach Sun and Sandcastles
Vila Beach Towel and Book with Mats
Vila Beach Toys
Vila Beach Trees for Lake Beach
Vila-Bedroom OR
Vila Fountain OR
Vila Garden Set OR
Vila Garden Set 2
Vila House OR
Vila Kitchen OR
Vila Living Room
Vila Shower OR
Vila WC House OR