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Wynter Fairy.

Prop and figure wings for figures.

Angel Wings[edit]

Angel Wings
Phil Hokusai
Mac compatible Template, .obj and .uvs files
Angel Wings
Texture for Erlik's Angel Wings
Angel Wings By Erlik and Virus
remap of Erlik's "Angel Wings"
"ERC-JP Wingset" Poseable Wings for Poser
Cage (Direct link to the download)
MC HPNY - Merry Christmas and a HaPPy New Year
DazStudio. A script roll, wings and a colorful neclace for your renders accompanied by some 3d text.
PoCoFly - smart pro wings - for V 3
Trumpet and angel wing
Wing 3D Model

Bat, Demon and Dragon Wings[edit]

3D Poetry Gangriel Wings
Bat Wings v0.5
Daemon wings or
Draco - Textures for Storybook Dragon + Wings
Danarra for Victoria 3
Gargoyle Wings
Hades Wings -UPDATED!!
Night Wings
V3 Fae Wings
V3 Fae Wings Texture Expansion

Butterfly Wings[edit]

Antonia Fairy Wings
Butterfly Fae Wings (Direct link to the download)
Butterfly Wings for Lolo Hai
Cookie Faerie
includes wings. Textures by Trumarcar on the same page
Leafy Faes for Cookie
Flutterby Wings 2 (top row, left column)
Genesis 2 Female - Urban Faerie or
mariposa wings 2.obj
Meadow Wings With three Textures (Direct link to the download)
Op Wings
Pippin Fairy
PoCoFly - smart pro wings - for V 3
Roxie's Fairy Outfit
SugarPlum Jewels
includes Jeweled Wings, Scepter Wand, & Crown or (Direct link to the download)

Insect Wings[edit]

Faerie for Kristin
boots, hat, and wings
Milla for Star
Milla is a Character for Star from Littlefox, with poses, and prop wings
Pixie Wings V4
Pup's Glow Wings

High-Tech Wings[edit]

Other Wings[edit]

Including prop and figure wings that should be listed in the above groups, but are not yet sorted.

Bejewelled Wings
Box Wings for Any Figure
Cabletoru's FaeWings & Glowing Orb Props
ApocaFae for V4 with Morphs++ or
DragonFae Wings, Skirt,Top, Boots, and Bracer, for V4,A4,G4,S4
Elsword - Inkubus Wings
Fairytale Wings
Sara Fairy Dress - Teal texture
Fractal Wings
HolidayFae for V3/V3MCD
JC Teddy Wings for Poser
Liquidsilver Wings M4, H4, A4 Fits
Mecha Jutsu Wings - static prop
Milla for Star
Moonlights G8 Dreamy Wings
Organic Wings Set
Pixie outfit for Roxie
or TinkerBell pixie outfit for Roxie or
PoCoFly - smart pro wings - for V 3
Tink for V3
Set includes character morph, ear morph, 3 body textures, 3 makeups with 2 options each, wing props with morphs and 5 textures, sword and dagger props with 4 textures each, and a set of ear caps with hoops to fit the ear morphs
Toni La Fay
Dress and Wings for Antonia Standard
Rainbow - La Fay
V3 Fae Wings for Mac
V3 Fae Wings Texture Expansion Mac
V3 Fae Wings for PC
V3 Fae Wings Texture Expansion PC
Wicked Laces for Dawn (DAZ)
Wicked Laces for Dawn (Poser)
Wings for Bean Sidhe outfit

2D Wings[edit]

DA - My Wings
DA - SteamFly Pink Melt Pixie Wings Red Angel Wings
Fae Wings BB
Fairy Wings
Fantasy Butterfly Wings
Fantasy Wings 1
Fantasy Wings 2
Fantasy Wings 3
Fantasy Wings 4
Fantasy/Sci-Fi Wings
FranJacks Fairy Wings 01
FranJacks Fairy Wings 02
FranJacks Fairy Wings 03
FS Fractal Wings
Jan's Brushes 1 for PS6+
Jan's Brushes 1 for PSP7
Pixie Wings
Psychedelic Butterfly Wings
Rainbow Glitter Wings
Tech Angel Wing set
Techno Wing mini set 1
3 Fantasy Wing Backs and 6 Fantasy Wings
Valentine Fun Pack
Wings Created ByMaryHines-01-01
Wings-Fractal 14-RMA-2007
Wings-Fractal 17-RMA-2007
Wings-Fractal 18-RMA-2007
Wings-Fractal 19-RMA-2008
Wings-Fractal 20-RMA-2008
Wings-Fractal 21-RMA-2008
Wings- Fractal23-RMA-2008

Resources for paid wings[edit]

Enchanted Wings non-free content
City Blue Fairy for Urban Fairy
Fantasia for Enchanted Wings
Stylish Urban Butterfly 1
Stylish Urban Butterfly 2
Textures for Enchanted Wings
Feathered Wings non-free content
Feathered wings poses
Morning Star Wings for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s) non-free content
Metal Wing textures for Morningstar Wings