Zyta for V3

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Zyta for V3
Download Links
Main Site:https://web.archive.org/web/20061031065818/http://www.keyhole-kreations.com/nawtyangeldl.htm (fourth row, middle column)
Other Information
Creator:Nawty Angel
License:You may use and abuse as you see fit, but PLEASE do not use as part of a commercial package without consulting me first. OH YEAH, and I would LOVE to see any images you create
Needed:any of The Girl 3, Laura, Maddie, Stephanie Petite 3, or Victoria 3

Zyta for V3 is a character morph and texture set, created by Nawty Angel for Victoria 3.

The textures can be used on any Unimesh 3 female (The Girl 3, Laura, Maddie, Stephanie Petite 3, and Victoria 3).